We can help you buy it, build it, fix it, and sell it!

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We are Real Estate Opportunity, real guys with real knowledge in buying, building, managing, leasing, remodeling, developing and selling commercial real estate. If we don’t know how to do it, one of our network of subcontractors, advisors, vendors, or suppliers can find the solution for you. We have an extensive background in office, retail, warehouse, industrial, multi-family, and special-use properties in the Central Ohio area—especially the hard-to-handle class B and C and low income properties. We don’t waste money on shiny suits and manicures; our time and trouble is better spent on real estate and your bottom line.

Jeff Keller, broker/owner, with over 2 decades of commercial real estate experience has focused Real Estate Opportunity’s business strategy to meet our customer’s needs—from before the purchase and during the ownership, to long after the sale. Partner Bill O’Brien completes the package with over 15 years of facilities management, maintenance, and general contracting experience.  Along with a group of qualified subcontractors, the two have amassed a long list of successful investments, new-builds, remodels, and developments.

Our most exciting niche is our charter school services. Most charter schools have neither the ability (nor, quite frankly, the budget) to evaluate, locate, remodel, operate, and maintain their facilities in-house. Real Estate Opportunity has created a wide range of facilities management programs that keep teachers in the classroom, instead of plunging toilets or changing light bulbs.

And speaking of light bulbs, we have helped many customers save up to 30% on their electric bills, through fixture upgrades, rate negotiation, and efficiency programs. We have a great affinity program with Border Energy Inc. which, if you are a resident of REO, will allow you to save on your energy bills. Click on the Border Energy Inc. logo below to learn more.

Border Energy Inc

Real Estate Sales:

Real Estate Opportunity is a full-service brokerage with experience in the purchase, listing, leasing, and sales of retail, office, industrial, warehouse, multi-family, and development properties as well as land. Led by Jeff Keller, with 20 years’ experience and $50 million in sales, REO and its agents can effectively handle any of your real investment needs.

Property Management:

Real Estate Opportunity currently manages a $25 million portfolio of office, retail, warehouse, multi-family, mixed-use, and special-use properties. We have several property management programs catering to the specific needs of the investment and the investor. We are investors too, and know how you want to be treated.

Facilities Management:

Real Estate Opportunity will learn your building and develop a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan with an eye towards efficiency and functionality. We will tell you what needs done today, next week, next month or next year—all designed to avoid the disruptive and expensive emergency service call. But if (and when) it comes, we will be there, too.

General Contracting/Construction:

Whether it be a commercial new-build, addition, remodel, build-out or face lift, Real Estate Opportunity will take your project from start to finish. We work with the architects and engineers, hire the subs, navigate the permit and inspection processes, and get the job done. We are uniquely qualified for the $50,000-$1,000,000 project because we have the skills and subcontractors to do the job, yet a low overhead that allows us to keep your costs down.

Land/Site Development:

From site evaluation and site selection to final approval and build, we have been involved with retail, office, warehouse, residential single-family, condo, and multi-family subdivisions, including zoning, planning, annexation, and TIF (Tax increment financing) negotiations.


Sometimes the investment decision is not to buy or sell, but what to buy or what to sell. How to buy or how to sell. What are the investor’s goals, resources, and needs, and what investment type best suits them?  What are the income, capital gains, and estate tax implications? Our wide-ranging experience allows us to help you ask the right questions. And our professional contacts will help us get you the right answers.